glc-12413-3525Francie Habash M.Ed., MBA, the Fitness Director of Galter Life Center, describes their center as a friendly and compassionate medical fitness facility where everyone is welcome. She says there is something for everyone and one can feel comfortable and confident when attending their fitness center. From the athlete to the senior, to kids’ swim lessons to cardiac rehab – they have it all with educated and professional staff to assist all. It is their mission to help their community maintain or obtain their optimal health through mind/body/spirit.

How to Stand Out

In Francie’s opinion their gym stands out from other gyms by the number of different services, programs and classes they provide.  Also, they stand out because of their professional staff and their medical fitness facility certification.


Moderation is Key

The biggest mistakes that Francie sees people make while exercising is working out too hard or not hard enough.  She believes that Galter can help them if they participate in one of Galter’s services, programs or classes where a staff member can provide more feedback and a game plan to reach their goals.

Service Wins Every Time

Francie believes that anywhere someone chooses to work on their health is a good thing.  However, she believes that Galter is a better place than most. Galter tries to provide a great value for what they offer and feel they have the ability to provide effective, safe and quality service. At Galter, they offer everything under one roof. That is hard to find at other gyms.  Other gyms usually specialize or provide very little service to their customer. That may work for some clients but not everyone.


Keep It Clean

Galter has a clean and bright facility (lots of windows) with a great kid center, lots of pools, great classes (150+ a week), and many services like acupuncture, massage, Pilates, and personal training.

Galter offers scholarship memberships to community members with a medical and financial need and provide over $100K in community service every year to help their community improve their health and well-being. They are a nonprofit organization and are affiliated with Swedish Covenant Hospital. Additionally, they provide outpatient rehab (physical, occupational, speech, pulmonary, diabetes, and cardiac rehab) in our facility.