Exertec Health & Fitness Center in Napa, California, is a community of members changing together. We believe everyone is capable of change and we are here to guide and provide a way for members to achieve their goals.

In the opinion of Lisa Garcia in Member Communications, what separates Exertec Health & Fitness Center from other gyms in their area is their sense of community. Many of their members have been a part of their club for many years, some over 20 years and counting. Members enjoy their time there with the support they receive not only from the staff but other members changing along-side of them. Their members build life long lasting relationships with their staff and members that continues outside of the club making it that much more enjoyable to exercise together.

In Lisa’s opinion, the biggest mistake she sees many people make while exercising is the mistake of not exercising effectively. Some people choose to follow their own workout regiments – regiments that are not challenging themselves more and, therefore, not consistently seeing progress over longer periods of time. As this happens, motivation could decrease possibly leading to losing consistency of attendance in the facility. Exertec provides many ongoing programs and special events to work side by side with members to provide accountability and new motivation for change.

“It takes more than you knowing how to use the equipment to achieve real and lasting transformation”

Lisa believes that the biggest mistake other gyms make is focusing on immediate sales of memberships. At Exertec, they strive to embrace their members for a lifetime of change. They focus on continuing to build ongoing relationships with each member to make a lasting connection. As connections are built, they help provide ways to achieve goals that are constantly evolving for each individual.

Their solution isn’t to simply offer a do-it-yourself facility membership and hope you look and feel better. Their solution is to also offer a membership option with the necessary tools available for you so you actually do look and feel better. They believe it takes more than you knowing how to use the equipment to achieve real and lasting transformation. It takes the right level of guidance and motivation to follow through on a plan that efficiently and effectively makes you “look and feel good”.

Whether you simply want a health club to workout in or you are looking for a solution to your fitness needs, if you are searching for a club that cares about your progress, Exertec just may be the right club for you! As a full facility health club, Exertec offers a full variety of Group X classes, cycle classes, cardio training equipment, strength training equipment, free weights and a 25-yard indoor heated swimming pool as well as a Jacuzzi, Steam Room, and Sauna. Day-use locker and towels are provided. Child Care service is also a convenient service for parents as they workout.

Most importantly, Exertec offers Private and GET Small Group Training. Exertec’s GET Small Group Training (SGT) sessions are designed to “GET” you effectively closer to your desired fitness goal. Whether your goal is to simply add a little more physical activity in

your life to stay healthy for your family, build strength so you can do more, lose some weight and feel good about yourself, or to push yourself to the next level of fitness that you’ve never thought possible, there is a SGT solution that can work for you! Get training has four parts: 1) GET Moving – Train your basics, Get your “MOVE” on; 2) GET Strong – Train your foundation, Feel Your “STRONG.” 3) GET LightTrain to lose, Find your “LIGHT;” and 4) GET FitTrain your potential, Realize Your “FIT.”

Private One-on-One Training may be optimal for you if you’re looking for full customization of your plan, efficient training session, and one-on-one attention. It is simply the most effective way to take advantage of their coaching and fitness expertise.

Exertec Health & Fitness has been in their current location since 1995 and offer their members numerous unique ways to make changes in their lives. Whether it is through the wide range of group classes, small group training or private training, they are dedicated to helping others. Exertec believes it takes more than the member knowing how to use the equipment to achieve real and lasting transformation. They care about progress as they are also currently improving themselves just as their members are improving.

If you would like more information about Exertec Health  & Fitness Center, visit their website at exertec.com or call them at (707) 226-1842. You can also “Like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Anyone who has worked out at Exertec Health  & Fitness Center, with Lisa Garcia or with any of the other instructors at Exertec, is invited to comment on our blog.